Hey there!

I believe in the power of intergenerational partnerships to strengthen democracy + our world. My collaborators range in age from 12-62, and I don't really have an answer to "what do you do for work?" So here's a shot:

My name is Thanasi Dilos. I'm 20, and passionate about building new pathways for smart young people to work in social impact.

After missing 1/3rd of my educational career due to mental health issues (and being truant most of high school, I co-founded Civics Unplugged, a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) social enterprise that trains and funds young civic innovators across the globe. To date, we've worked with 3,500 fellows from all 50 States and 74 countries around the world. CU Fellows have: been appointed to state offices, delivered TED Talks, admitted to top universities, and raised a combined $2,000,000 in impact capital.

I founded Civics Unplugged to help young people find and follow a life purpose. It's what would've helped me as a teenager, and what will help thousands of young people over the next decade.

After graduating high school I chose not to attend college and focus 100% on building pathways to purpose for young people.

At night, I:

→ Am on the founding team of The Design It For Us Coaltion, where I work with legislators to build safer spaces for young people online.
→ A co-founder at Gotham Labs, a venture accelerator focused on for-profit social impact (we donate 50% of rev to charity).
→ A Co-Founder at Aera Force, an experimental  venture fund exploring the future of regenerative climate projects.

→ I'm an Entrepreneur In Residence at Unfinished, focused on the future of digital rights and young people
→ I'm a National Geographic Explorer &Fellow at Identity Review
→ I take bribes in RedBull and am a fan of the MTA.

Fun Links: 

→ Check out Civics Unplugged and the Dream DAO
→ Learn more about Aera Force
→ Work with us at Gotham Labs
→ Watch me speak at MIT

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