Hey there! My name is Thanasi Dilos. My goal is to assemble the impact avengers and build things that do good.

In my senior year of High School (2020), I co-founded Civics Unplugged, a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) social enterprise that trains and funds young civic innovators across the globe. To date, we've worked with 2,500 fellows from all 50 States and 74 countries around the world. CU Fellows have been appointed to office, admitted to top universities, and raised a combined $2,000,000 in impact capital.

After graduating high school, I chose not to attend college and focus 100% on building.

I co-run Gotham Labs, a venture accelerator that is assembling the social impact avengers. I invest in regenerative economics at Aera Force, which I am a co-founder and GP in. Lastly, I'm a co-founder at The Dream DAO, where we fund and mentor young people to work in web3 x social impact.

I take bribes in RedBull and adore the MTA.

Fun Links: 

→ Check out Civics Unplugged and the Dream DAO
→ Learn more about Aera Force
→ Work with us at Gotham Labs
→ Watch me speak at MIT

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